Video Editing Tips 

While directors take more video footage than what they will use in their final product, video editing is all about getting the perfect shots for every scene and adding to those shots, instead of removing stuff. 

If you want to bring more life to your videos or you wish to improve your trade to capture the attention of more viewers, make sure you take note of these video editing tips. 

Capture Enough Footage 

The moment you get started with your video editing, your first few goals are to create a flow that will work, invoke emotion in viewers, and offer a certain form of entertainment. If you wish to produce the video footage that will be used later on for video editing, it is a wise idea to film while still considering the process of video editing. 

It means you should try to take several shots of one scene from various angles with the use of wide shots as well as panning. Doing so will give you lots of video you can work with the moment you go to the studio to perform video editing. The biggest nightmare for video editors is to realize the moment they get started with the editing process that their footage is not enough to produce the finished product they want. 

Don’t Forget the Story 

It doesn’t matter if you are producing a five-minute seminar that will be posted online, a short film, or a full length movie. For sure, there is a story you wish to tell. As far as video editing is concerned, it is important to always keep this story in mind throughout the process. Things that don’t add to the story should be removed from the video. You may feel like the scene was shot really well, the acting was perfect with a stunning lighting. However, if this scene doesn’t help the story to move forward, this can be considered as clutter and you have to take it out of your final product. 

Eliminate Needless Scenes or Shots 

If did a great job as a director, it is possible that you have more footage than you can possibly use. It means that once you start with video editing, you will have to cut out much of the footage. There are instances when shots or scenes that were deemed ideal during the time of filming. But, the moment you sit down in the studio, you will realize that those shots or scenes don’t add well into the story you want to tell and worse, may even be a burden to it. You should be willing enough to cut out things even if you liked them while you were filming. 

There are still many other tips for video editing that will surely hone you into a better and more effective video editor. However, the ones above are some of the most basic and important tips you can start using right away for you to produce the best and most eye catching videos. 

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